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Why Choose Dr. Chad Tattini for Breast Augmentation

Women all over the Midwest come to Dr. Chad Tattini’s office in Bloomington, Illinois for his meticulous technique in breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Tattini provides his patients with a plethora of breast implant choices depending on their goals and specific anatomy. He is one of the few in central Illinois that offers the choice of 3 incisions (fold, areola, armpit).

His Ivy League training has also made Dr. Tattini one of the few in Central Illinois to offer endoscopic plastic surgery of the breast. He has adapted several techniques that he has learned from international plastic surgeons to help patients undergo breast augmentation surgery with minimal pain and downtime.

Dr. Tattini offers saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants for breast augmentation, and is now even trained to offer the newly FDA approved shaped silicone gel-filled breast implants. Generally, these implants are placed under the muscle but each surgical plan is carefully tailored to each person’s specific goals and anatomy.


Types of Breast Implants

The two most common implant types used in breast augmentation is silicone breast implants and saline breast implants. Silicone breast implants feel more natural than saline breast implants. However, if a saline breast implant ruptures, the saline is absorbed by the body naturally. If a silicone breast implant ruptures, the silicone filler leaks into the body which can result in enlarged lymph glands of inflammatory nodules.

How Are Breast Implants Placed During Augmentation?

During surgery, the implants are placed behind each breast, underneath either the breast tissue or the chest-wall muscle. The breast augmentation procedure lasts 1-2 hours, and is generally performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are made in places that are not as visible (ie. in the armpit, on the underside of the breast, or around the areola). The breast is lifted, creating a pocket for the implant to be inserted.

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Are Breast Implants Permanent?

Breast implants may last a few years and they could last a few decades. There are many factors involved. The most important thing for patients to know is that if they are not having issues, they don’t have to get their breast implants replaced just based on time alone.

How Do I Select Implant Size For Breast Augmentation?

A patient’s existing anatomy determines the maximal size for breast implants. One should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can review with the patient how tissues react overtime with implants. The surgeon should also hear the patient’s goals and match this with what her anatomy will allow so that the patient has appropriate expectations.

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation

After surgery, the incisions are stitched, taped and bandaged. In some cases, drainage tubes may also be inserted. A surgical bra is worn over the bandages, which helps to minimize any swelling and support the breasts. Most patients will feel tired and sore for a few days, but many return to work within a week of surgery. Stitches are removed in 7-10 days and pain and swelling will subside during the first few weeks.

Scarring after Breast Augmentation

Scars from breast augmentation surgery will start to fade in a few months.

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