Facial Fat Injections in Bloomington, IL: What You Need to Know

young woman with red manicure posing in sunny town after work. In today’s cosmetic surgery world, restoring volume has become as important as cutting and removing. Facial fat injections are among the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today, and Dr. Tattini has been performing them in his Bloomington, Illinois, office since he opened his practice. This blog will explain what facial fat injections are, how they work, and some frequently asked questions.

What Are Facial Fat Injections?

Facial fat injections, also known as fat transfer, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves removing fat from one part of the body and injecting it into another part of the face to restore volume. Facial fat injections address volume loss in the cheeks, temples, jawline, lips, and other facial areas.

How Do Facial Fat Injections Work?

Facial fat injections use advanced equipment to remove fat from one area of the body, typically through liposuction. Fat is then processed and purified before being injected into the target area of the face to fill hollows, reduce creases, and improve contours.

What Happens During a Facial Fat Transfer?

Liposuction removes fat from the donor area, usually from the abdomen, hips, or thighs, during a facial fat transfer. The fat is then processed on the back table before being injected into the face through cannulas. Smaller volumes of fat are typically used in facial surgeries such as facelifts, where volume is needed for a more youthful look.

What Areas of the Face Can Facial Fat Injections Be Used For?

Facial fat injections can fill any area of the face that is void of tissue or volume. Facial fat injections commonly help restore volume in the cheeks, temples, jawline, lips, and other areas of the face.

What Is the Difference Between Facial Fat Transfer and Facial Fat Injections?

“Facial fat transfer” and “facial fat injections” are often used interchangeably because they involve harvesting fat from one part of the body, processing it, and injecting it into a recipient site on the face.

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