Hold Your Head High After Cosmetic Ear Pinning (Otoplasty) Surgery

Health,,People,And,Beauty,Concept,-,Beautiful,Young,Woman,Pointing Once considered a procedure to remedy a child’s protruding ears, Otoplasty is now used to treat several cosmetic ear issues. This procedure is now used for ear reconstructions of all types, including changing the size and shape of adult ears as well as children over five years old. Dr. Chad Tattini uses sophisticated technology to perform otoplasty for adults and children, refining the contours of the ear.

Cosmetic Ear Pinning Surgery

Otoplasty is growing in popularity as a cosmetic surgery designed to alter the structure and flatten the outer ear. The goal is to reduce the protruding appearance of the ears, a trait that has tended to encourage unwanted teasing and bullying of children. Protruding ears can also be difficult emotionally for adults who go to extreme lengths to style their hair or wear hats to hide the ears due to a lack of self-confidence in their appearance.

  • Ear pinning is drawing the ears toward the back of the head, so they no longer protrude outward.
  • Ear reduction is a procedure to treat Macrotia, a condition where the ears are too big. It is the reconstruction of the ears to reduce their size, including the earlobes.
  • Ear augmentation is a procedure used when a person’s ears are too small for the size of the head or if they haven’t developed normally – a congenital ear abnormality.

Ear Pinning Procedure

After a thorough physical examination of the ears, Dr. Tattini will review the positioning of the ears and recommend a procedure. On the scheduled date of surgery, the procedure is performed in our office under a sedative and local anesthesia. Scarring is hidden behind the ears or folds.

Get the Profile You Deserve and Turn Heads

You deserve to hold your head proudly and be self-confident in your appearance. Otoplasty is a proactive means of self-care. Call 309-664-1007 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chad Tattini, in Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, or Decatur, IL.

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