Starting Your Breast Enhancement Journey Off Right

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background Women considering breast augmentation can benefit from asking questions. We have learned in our years of serving patients that an informed patient is a more confident and empowered patient. This awareness spurs us on as we meet new people who are interested in enhancing their appearance. With that in mind, we try to answer questions that some patients may not even realize they have. We’ll discuss a few here. 

  • What you do before surgery matters. 

Patients often wonder how they can make the most of their breast enhancement surgery through a seamless recovery. We say that the earlier you start preparing, the better. What do you prepare before breast surgery besides taking time off work and getting a few good sports bras? Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to quit smoking. Taking this step is a must because it lowers your surgical risks. Avoiding smoking also gives your body time to restore its best possible capacity to heal tissues through good circulation. Your doctor may also advise you to stop taking certain supplements and medications. Finally, in addition to taking time off, we suggest that patients also prepare mentally for the brief time of relative inactivity. This can be made more pleasant with a cozy recovery set-up and plenty of entertainment. 

  • Breast augmentation results may not be immediately gratifying.

When a patient comes to the office for their initial post-operative follow-up, they expect to see larger, fuller, shapelier breasts. What they may not expect is to see exaggerated height and upper pole fullness. For the first several weeks after breast augmentation, the breasts tend to sit high on the chest wall. They also look and feel quite firm. The characteristics of the breasts transform as tissue relaxes and the breast implants settle into their new natural position. 

  • Breast augmentation may not be the perfect procedure.

Breast augmentation can be an immensely satisfying procedure for women who want to add volume and fullness. It may not be as gratifying as it could be if the skin over the breasts is very loose. Yes, implants can fill out the skin to some degree. It is important that a surgeon discern how much the selected implants can do so. Otherwise, there is a risk of enlarged breasts looking low and droopy. Some patients benefit the most from breast lift surgery combined with implants. 

  • Your choice in surgeon is paramount to your journey. 

Patients interested in breast enhancement should consult with at least one board-certified plastic surgeon. It isn’t enough to find a local surgeon with good prices who offers this procedure. You want to select a surgeon who may not even be the lowest price but who has excellent patient reviews and a stellar reputation for success. During your consultation, ask about experience. Ask how many breast augmentations or lifts your doctor performs each month. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable with and heard by your surgeon before making your decision about breast enhancement. 

Dr. Tattini is proud to provide patients from the Bloomington area a place where they can achieve their cosmetic goals. To learn more about breast augmentation, call (309) 664-1007.

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