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23 Years Old 3 Months Post-Op

This is a 23 year old gentleman interested in reducing the size of his breasts. A periareola incision was used to perform direct excision of over 40g of tissue from each side. Simultaneous liposuction was also performed. Photos are 3 months after surgery.

Autologous Left Breast Reconstruction

65 year old lady interested in autologous left breast reconstruction to match her right side. She did not want expander and/or implant reconstruction. A latissimus flap harvested from her back was used to reconstruct her left breast with her native tissue. Patient is 6 months after her surgery.

325cc Gel Implant

44 year old female with right breast cancer who underwent a right mastectomy. 2 years later a tissue expander and then a 325cc gel implant was placed. Patient also had a left breast lift for symmetrical purposes.

Right Breast Cancer

39 year old female with right breast cancer who underwent bilateral mastectomies with immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expanders. 700cc silicone gel implants were placed 5 months later. This is her result prior to nipple reconstruction 4 months after her implant surgery.

Left Mastectomy For Breast Cancer

56 year old female who underwent a left mastectomy for breast cancer. Patient underwent immediate breast reconstruction and has a 600cc high profile silicone gel implant on the left side. She has elected to not proceed with nipple/areola reconstruction. A right breast reduction was also performed with 350g being removed for symmetry purposes.

Bilateral Mastectomies

39 year old female 6 months after bilateral mastectomies and immediate tissue expander reconstruction. Patient has 700 cc silicone gel implants bilaterally.

silicone gel implants (700cc)

44 year old female who underwent a bilateral mastectomy 3 years prior. Delayed reconstruction was performed with tissue expanders followed by silicone gel implants (700cc). Photos are 4 months after her last surgery. Patient has not underwent her nipple/areola reconstruction yet.

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