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56 yo Blepharoplasty w/transconjunctival incision

July 20, 2016
by Team Snowbird

This is a 56yo gentleman primarily concerned with the bags on his lower eyelids.  A transconjunctival incision (inner eyelid) was made to extract fat and perform fat grafting in strategic areas to rejuvenate the lower eyelid.  Pt is 1 year after his surgery.

Blepharoplasties With Brow & Cheek Lifts

by aacustomtmplt2

56 year old 3 months after her brows were lifted via the endoscopic approach. Simultaneous upper and lower blepharoplasties were performed. The lower lid also consisted of a cheek lift and fat repositioning/grafting.

58 YearS Old

by aacustomtmplt2

58 year old approximately 6 weeks after an endoscopic eyebrow lift and upper eyelid lift.

44 Years Old

February 19, 2016
by aacustomtmplt2

44 year old who had unilateral (left) brow and eyelid sagging. Her left eyelid surgery was performed by another surgeon but her left browlift was performed by Dr. Tattini to give her slightly more elevation to match her right side.

More Prominent Chin

by aacustomtmplt2

44 year old who desired a more prominent chin. An external incision under the chin was used to place a Medpor implant to augment the chin.

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