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400cc Silicone Gel Implants

February 18, 2016
by aacustomtmplt2

34 year old female 4 months after her breast augmentation. 400cc silicone gel implants were placed through a fold incision under the muscle.

325cc Bilateral Silicone Gel Implant

by aacustomtmplt2

56 year old female 4 mo after bilateral silicone gel implant augmentation. Implants were placed sub muscular through an inframammary fold incision. 325cc was used on both sides.

390cc Saline Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

24 year old 3 months after asubmuscular augmentation performed through an inframammary fold incision. 390cc saline implants were placed bilaterally.

Bilateral Breast Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

48 year old female 3 months after bilateral breast implants placed submuscular via an inframammary fold incision. A 320cc implant was placed on the right and 355cc was used on the left.

Bilateral 425cc Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

This is a 24 year old female 1 year after her augmentation with silicone gel implants placed through a periareolar incision beneath the muscle. Bilateral 425cc implants were used.

375cc Saline Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

31 year old female 3 months after her submuscular augmentation performed via a periareolar incision. 375cc saline implants were placed bilaterally.

250cc Saline Implant

by aacustomtmplt2

35 year old female 6 months after bilateral implants were placed submuscular via a periareolar incision. Bilateral 250cc saline implants were used.

340cc Round Smooth Saline Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

20 year old 2 months after bilateral breast augmentation with inframammary approach. 340cc round smooth saline implants were placed partially submuscular and subglandular.

340cc Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

34 year old female 4 months after a breast augmentation. An inframammary fold approach was used to place submuscular saline implants. 340cc implants were used for both sides.

250cc Saline Implants

by aacustomtmplt2

30 year old female 4 months after a breast augmentation demonstrating her preoperative markings. These are typical markings for the inframammary fold approach. 250cc saline implants were placed submuscularly on both sides.

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