Want a Refreshed Face? Here’s How to Get it!

Facelift, Bloomington, IL Facelift surgery has historically been praised for its power to rejuvenate the face. Not too long ago, though, the popular procedure seemed to be replaced with injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. We can understand the reasoning. For a time, it felt as though a facelift was a clear path to looking “overdone,” which was never the objective in the first place. Here, we offer a few suggestions on obtaining the refreshed face you desire with appropriate surgical intervention.

  1. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a history of experience in facelift surgery. It isn’t enough to choose a cosmetic surgeon in your local area. It isn’t even enough to choose a surgeon based on a referral from a loved one or acquaintance. A facelift is a personal decision that needs to be made with care. It is absolutely acceptable to consult with a few plastic surgeons and also to schedule more than one sit-down with any surgeon that builds that sense of trust that is necessary. We invite patients to ask questions about our experience and training and are happy to provide as much detailed information as is requested.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. One of the reasons why a patient may want to schedule multiple visits is that questions arise after the initial consultation. Communication is a key element in achieving the desired outcome from plastic surgery. Your doctor needs to know exactly what signs of aging are concerning and you need to know exactly what areas of the face can be refreshed and to what degree. Communication enables you and your doctor to confirm (or rule out) the potential to meet your expected outcome.
  3. Consider add-ons. There is a reason why facelift procedures can sometimes look overdone. One is that a facelift alone may not address all of the ways that aging has changed the face. The lift procedure re-drapes tissue over the skeletal structure of the cheeks. When volume is lacking due to the deterioration of fatty tissue, the face may look gaunt and older than it would with more plumpness. An add-on like fat transfer to the cheeks enhances the refreshing effects of a facelift.

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