Want a Flatter Stomach? Try These Tips!

Tummy Tuck Bloomington, IL The body is a fascinating collection of systems and areas, all of which work synergistically to create what we see when we look in the mirror. When biology changes in any way, which it can as a result of diet, pregnancy, and hormones, the shape of the body often follows suit. This is why procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty continue to top the list of common cosmetic surgeries. Most people like the idea of having a flat stomach. The desire for this often increases as summer approaches. Here, we want to offer a few suggestions that may help you achieve the look you want.

Beat the Bloat

Sometimes, the appearance of the midsection is altered by bloat. This can be useful news because some simple changes to what you’re eating and drinking may provide more improvement than you imagine. Bloating is often nothing more than a little gas in the intestines. This may stem from eating too quickly or drinking too many carbonated beverages. Even chewing gum is enough for some people to notice bloating. To minimize bloating, try:

  • Drinking ginger tea every morning to jump start digestion.
  • Eat bananas. The potassium in this fruit has been shown to regulate fluid retention.
  • Ditch the gum. Did you know that sweeteners like xylitol may cause bloating?
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking too little water leads to fluid retention, which leads to bloating.

Manage Weight

We all know that the average person tends to sit too much. The more we sit, the visceral fat may form around the midsection. A sedentary lifestyle is also pretty darn boring, and boredom is a leading cause of snacking on unhealthy, fattening foods. If you sit at a desk all day, consider how you might move a little more during your lunch hour or after work – or both.

Get Help

As much as there is to gain from healthy lifestyle habits, there are limitations to diet and exercise. We meet people all the time who have put a great deal of effort into health and fitness and still live with the frustration of lingering fat around the midsection. While it is possible to get a flatter stomach through lifestyle, it may not be possible to get the flat stomach you want. Weight gain and pregnancy often stretch the abdominal muscles too far for them to reconnect after separation. In such instances, the best path to a flat stomach is through abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery.

Get the flat stomach you want. Schedule your visit to our Bloomington office to discuss body contouring.

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