Are Your Brows Aging Your Face?

The aging face is something we cannot avoid. The biological changes that occur with age, combined with sun exposure and other factors, can have a profound effect on the resiliency of the skin. In time, the loss of elasticity, volume, and muscle firmness can cause permanent lines and creases. Some signs of aging, such as these, are expected. Others, like a drooping brow, are not. When the eyebrows drop below the upper orbital rim, the bony ridge above the eyes, the face may look tired or angry or sad. These expressions are inevitable at times but, when they become permanent, correction is often sought. A brow lift may be an ideal form of correction for some.

Why the Forehead Changes with Age

It isn’t only the skin that is affected by the aging process. The muscles of the body may also atrophy to some extent over time. We aren’t accustomed to “working out” our facial muscles in the same way we may do with other areas of the body. However, the muscles of the upper third of the face do work. Some muscles lift the eyebrows, while others pull them inward into a frown. Once we begin making facial expressions, we tend to do so in the same exact way our entire lives. In this way, muscles and skin memorize where creases form. Additionally, certain muscles may become stronger than others over time, pulling the brow one way or another. The result for many is a facial expression that does not represent how they truly feel.

Brow Lift Surgery to the Rescue

Many people are not opposed to looking older. It happens to us all. What they mind is looking angry, sad, or worried when they’re not. Regardless of how old you look, you want your face to be an accurate representation of your personality. A brow lift can achieve this goal. This procedure may be performed in one of a few different ways.

Some surgeons prefer to use the coronal brow lift technique to rejuvenate the upper face. This is an “open” type surgery in which one long incision is made. The coronal brow lift incision goes across the top of the head, starting at one ear and ending at the other. The forehead skin can be lifted from that incision so that the surgeon can reposition underlying tissue to restore a nice forehead contour. The skin is replaced and positioned so the eyebrows sit along the bony ridge over the eye. The surgeon trims excess skin to achieve lasting rejuvenation.

An endoscopic technique is another option and one that patients may prefer due to limited incisions. It is important to keep in mind that incisions are only one aspect of surgery and, while a coronal brow lift may have a longer incision, it may be ideal for correcting more advanced drooping. For the endoscopic procedure, the surgeon makes multiple small incisions. One accommodates a tiny camera on the end of a tube. The others accommodate tiny instruments that move and trim tissue as needed to contour the forehead.

Looking older does not mean you cannot look your best. Learn more about the brow lift procedure. Call (309) 664-1007 and schedule your consultation at our Bloomington, IL office.

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