Breast Reduction: Don’t Let These Ideas Hold You Back

The vast majority of plastic surgery procedures performed each year revolve around improving the appearance of the breasts. Most of us can think of someone we know or have met who has had breast augmentation. Breast lift surgery, as well, is commonly known as a procedure that can help a woman feel like her best self. Breast reduction, however, is not always so easily understood. There are a few misconceptions about this breast enhancing procedure that need to be discussed. We’ll do that here.

  1. “You should be grateful.”

As much as we can understand the intent behind statements like “you look great the way you are,” there is another layer to this sentiment. Loved ones mean well when they express body-positivity but can miss the mark, causing a woman to second-guess her desire for breast reduction. When it comes to breast reduction, too, women are often made to feel as though they are ungrateful for their breast size. This dangerous judgment does not take into account the physical and emotional discomfort of living with very large breasts. A plastic surgeon’s perspective on this matter is that breast surgery, including breast reduction, is a deeply personal decision that a woman must make for herself. She is the one having trouble finding clothes that fit. She is the one who may get unwanted stares or comments. So she is the only person who deserves a voice in the matter of breast reduction.

  1. I can reduce my breast size by losing weight.

We’ll be short and sweet with this one. You cannot dramatically alter breast size by losing weight. Your breasts may grow larger if you gain a lot of weight. They may shrink a moderate amount if you lose weight. However, the breasts have fat and also glandular tissue. It is the glandular tissue that is often involved in overgrowth. For smaller, more comfortable breasts, a woman typically needs breast reduction surgery.

  1. I cannot breastfeed if I have breast reduction.

Like breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, breast reduction carries a very small risk of disrupting milk ducts. That risk is far lower than most women estimate. A skilled plastic surgeon is very familiar with breast anatomy and is capable of developing a surgical plan to leave important structures like the nipple intact during the procedure. If you would like a breast reduction and also want to be able to breastfeed in the future, talk to your surgeon for definitive guidance for your unique situation.

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