Breast Augmentation: What It Can and Cannot Do

Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Bloomington, IL The idea of breast enhancement nearly always involves some matter of size. While some women wish to have their breasts reduced to better fit their frame, most inquire about breast augmentation using implants. In recent years, the medical devices used to add volume to the breasts have improved significantly. Both silicone and saline breast implants have unique advantages and disadvantages. What hasn’t changed through years of use is what even the best breast augmentation surgery can and cannot do.

Goals and expectations go hand in hand in plastic surgery. What a patient believes is possible with breast augmentation may not be accurate, though, and this can lead to dissatisfying results. Here, we want to point out what breast augmentation can do and what it cannot.

The Objective of Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation, the placement of breast implants, to restore or achieve fullness and shape. Breast implant surgery can fill out breasts that never fully developed or that deflated after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In many cases, the improvement in shape and size can expand a woman’s healthy sense of self-esteem.

What Breast Augmentation Cannot Do

Breast augmentation has no effect on the position of the breast on the chest wall. If the breasts sag or the nipples have begun to point downward, enlarging the breasts will not change these characteristics. The skin is the second envelope that holds breast implants. The external envelope. If the skin has become loose or has been stretched and has not bounced back, the results of breast augmentation will be larger saggy breasts. We don’t want this for our patients. After a thorough assessment of breast tissue and the skin, Dr. Tattini will recommend either augmentation alone or a combination augmentation and lift.

Breast Implants Do Not Give Self-Esteem

Wait. Didn’t we just say that improving breast size can expand a woman’s healthy sense of self-esteem? Yes. You read that right. Making positive changes to one’s appearance can have significantly uplifting effects. This generally only happens when self-esteem is already healthy. The ideal plastic surgery patient is one who feels good about themselves and their appearance, not someone who seeks physical change so they can feel good about themselves.

Patients of our Bloomington, IL office can expect to receive compassionate care for their cosmetic concerns. To schedule a consultation for breast enhancement, call (309) 664-1007.

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