Breast Implant Size: An Ever-Changing Trend

Breast augmentation surgery has been popular for many years. However, over time, trends have changed and then changed some more. For example, women who initially chose to get breast implants 30 years ago were more likely to choose a much larger size than their natural breasts. Fifteen to twenty years ago, that trend began to change and more women chose smaller breast implants. Now today, we are once again seeing patients select larger breast size. Here, we discuss the factors that influence women’s choices and the points to consider to avoid going too large.

What Influences Breast Augmentation Choices?

  • Input from other women. One of the messages that many women send after undergoing their own breast augmentation is that there is value in going bigger. The reason patients may feel this way is that they get used to their new breast size over time and feel that they want larger breasts. Surgeons see this trend even among women who are a full C or D cup.
  • We all like to feel comfortable in the clothes that we find appealing, and what we find appealing is often what we repeatedly see in magazines and social media. When women see larger-breasted models wearing clothing that they personally like, they may be more likely to choose larger breast implant size.
  • The freedom of choice. Along with changes in trends, we’ve lived through an enormous evolution in technology in recent years. Just a few decades ago, women chose breast implants by consulting with their surgeon. Today, women try on various sizers or develop their new shape using computer animation to help them evaluate the size that looks right on their frame. The newer ways of determining breast implant size empower women to get exactly what they want.

Can a Woman Go Too Big?

Regardless of input from friends, new fashion options, and even a sneak peek of a new body, a woman can still go too big. Getting breast implants is a big choice. It is also necessary to consider how larger breasts will feel on a day to day basis. Breasts that are too large for the natural frame can cause shoulder and neck pain. They can get in the way of comfortable movement. When too large, the breasts can detract from the overall beauty of a proportionate body.

Breast implant surgery can go wrong if consideration is not given to the smaller factors like daily living and body frame. This procedure can also go very right. Dr. Tattini has years of training and experience that are utilized helping our patients explore their ideal options. To schedule a consultation in our Bloomington, IL office, call (309) 664-1007.

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