Why You Get Stubborn Fat and What You Can Do About It

Unwanted fat is usually the most stubborn. You know the kind we’re talking about, the fatty tissue that develops around the midsection and won’t go away no matter what you seem to try. The fat that hangs on to the hips, the back, the buttocks, and even under the chin can also be incredibly hard to get rid of. While there is no “right” amount of fat that every person should have, there is a widespread desire to feel good about appearance. Here, we discuss what may be standing in your way and what you can do about it.

Why We Get Stubborn Fat

There are several reasons why fat may stick around where and when we don’t want it. This is an important thing to investigate because it provides clues about what you may need to do to get the shape you want.

  • Poor eating habits. One of the most common reasons for stubborn fat is eating processed foods. Many of our easy food choices today are found in a box, can, or tray. We may bake, microwave, or sauté packaged foods with vegetables and lean meats, but that doesn’t mean they are providing us with vital nutrients. It also doesn’t mean we’re avoiding unhealthy fats, carbs, and sugar.
  • Eating times. For some people, the battle with stubborn fat revolves around when and how they eat. We’re all slightly different so while some may fair well eating one large meal right before bed, others will not.
  • As common as it has become to enjoy a glass or two of wine each night or happy hour with friends, this is a bad habit that leads to stubborn fat. Alcoholic beverages contain empty calories and sometimes excess sugar. Furthermore, alcohol affects our inhibitions and cognition, so we often find that we eat high-calorie foods when we don’t intend to.
  • When stressed, the body produces cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that slows digestion so we can survive danger. The release of cortisol can also lead to a crash that causes us to crave high-calorie foods.
  • Genes and hormones. We’re all influenced by our genetic makeup as well as our hormones. We may be able to look at our family tree and see how we may take shape, literally. Where we may hold fat and how much. It’s important to note, though, that while genetics is influential, it is a factor that can be offset with healthy habits. Hormonal changes, as well, often affect weight, requiring us to revisit what we eat and how we exercise as we age.

Losing Stubborn Fat

There are so many ways to address stubborn fat. Some people do well by changing the timing and size of their meals. Some by changing up their exercise routine to add more strength training alongside cardio. Some call us. If you’re tired of fighting against stubborn fat, see how liposuction, a tummy tuck, or other techniques can help. Call (309) 664-1007 to schedule a consultation at our Bloomington, IL office.

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