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Facial Rejuvination, Bloomington, IL “Are you ok?”

“Are you mad/sad?”


“Cheer up!”

These are questions and directives that get tiresome when you hear them frequently. As unappealing as it may be to be told you have “resting bitch face,” you may have no evidence to prove otherwise. We don’t agree with the unkind and unfortunate descriptor, but it happens to be the most common way of explaining the face that displays characteristics such as frown lines, a downturned mouth, and a specific eyebrow position.

The problem with facial structure is that it can change as we age. We often hear about the problems posed by lines and wrinkles, but not the broad effects of facial atrophy. Resting bitch face is a relatively accurate way of describing the perception that results from the natural drop in facial volume and the way it causes tissue to sag downward. Whether accurate or not, the person affected by facial atrophy may be perceived as tied, angry, and generally unfriendly. The consequences of this perception can be significant.

Studies have suggested that facial characteristics that make a person appear angry or sad also make them unapproachable. We instinctively shy away from individuals whom we suspect may not be open to us and we do so based primarily on their facial expression. In addition to our impact on others, our natural facial expression at rest can also affect our emotions as we go about the day. Studies have demonstrated a clear connection between happy facial expressions and happy feelings.

What to do about a Negative Facial Expression

There are several ways that a person can correct facial aging to bring out more friendliness in their face. In our Bloomington office, one of a few approaches may be taken:

  • Eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty reduces heaviness in the upper or lower eyelids that create a tired, angry appearance.
  • Brow lift surgery. Drooping eyebrows can have a profound effect on the vibe of the face. The brow lift procedure restores proper height to the brow line and opens the eyes to appear friendlier and more energetic.
  • Facelift surgery. Facial atrophy can dramatically change the lower area of the face, causing a person to feel they have to plaster a smile on their face to avoid looking angry. Lifting the deeper tissue and skin in the midface may correct mild down turning of the mouth.
  • Fat injections. Adding volume in the mid-face area and around the mouth is a great way to alter the corners of the lips to look younger and friendlier.

Your face should accurately depict how you feel inside. Learn more about facial rejuvenation and what it can do for you. Call (309) 664-1007.

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