Make This Your Most Beautiful Year Yet

Every one of us deserves to feel good about our general appearance. If we look only at the extreme number of gym memberships that get bought at this time of year, we see one of the primary ways that appearance matters. If you are making half-hearted resolutions to make this the year that you achieve the shape you want, chances are you’ve been here before. You’ve made the commitment and made the changes, but didn’t see the results you were after. Why not make this year different? Consider visiting our Bloomington plastic surgery practice to see how a little something extra can achieve a whole lot of improvement.

The Big Questions

Usually, what stops a person from moving forward with body contouring surgery are the questions surrounding the process. The idea of taking time off from normal activities and going through a surgical procedure can be daunting. However, when you know what to expect, the concept of treatment becomes much more exciting. Here, we discuss the two most common body-contouring treatments performed each year and what to expect.


This longstanding cosmetic surgery procedure has been improved upon in a number of ways. In our surgical facility, Dr. Tattini performs Power-Assisted Liposuction to accommodate his SAFE Lipo technique. Power-Assisted Liposuction uses an oscillating cannula, a tiny tube that vibrates back and forth to disrupt fat cells more easily. The SAFE Lipo technique follows precise steps to remove fat in the most consistent manner. The gentleness of this combination shortens recovery time and improves comfort as the body heals. While patients will notice bruising and swelling, most are able to return to work within a few days.


Patients who undergo abdominoplasty to tighten loose, sagging muscles and tissue across their tummy share two sentiments. One is that they absolutely love their results. The other is that it took a few weeks to begin to feel like themselves again after surgery. We do not find it beneficial to tell patients that a tummy tuck is easy. What we will say is that the first few days of recovery is uncomfortable. Prescription pain medication and muscle relaxants do a lot to help with this initial phase of recovery. Pain is not intolerable. What patients report is a tight sensation the prevents them from standing upright for a few days. Physical ability returns over the course of a week and by about 4-weeks post-op, patients can resume most normal activities with minimal soreness.

This can be your most beautiful year yet, and we can help. Call (309) 664-1007 to schedule a consultation to learn more about body contouring in Bloomington.

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