Common Thoughts Before Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery Although the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures has increased over the past few decades, there remains a  flicker of “question” in most patients’ minds. Having consulted with innumerable patients over the years, we recognize many of these questions. We understand that a lot of consideration goes into having plastic surgery, and we support our patients in their decision with compassion and the answers they need.

Will the results I get be worth my investment?

We get it; cosmetic plastic surgery is a major investment of your time and resources. We understand the value that comes from achieving your desired outcome. While financing options can be considered in enabling you to get the procedure  you think you want, the primary factor in your satisfaction is your expectations of results. A large percentage of men and women who go forward with cosmetic surgery feel much more satisfied in their appearance and, as a result, more confident in general. This alone is reward enough for most to feel good about their investment.

Am I going to look like I think I will look?

This is one of the leading concerns that patients face as they think about plastic surgery. No matter how much your unique concern is affecting how you feel about yourself, you don’t want to lose your authenticity. This is completely understandable! When consulting with patients, our goal is to create a treatment plan that addresses the point of concern, such as a drooping brow or small breasts, without compromising the natural beauty that already exists. There is no way to tell you exactly how you will look after cosmetic plastic surgery. Even computer simulated images can only go so far because your body tissue will react how it’s going to react, not how software predicts it will. What we can tell you about the results of your plastic surgery is that most patients who do have work done are happy they did.

The idea of surgery makes me so nervous!

Surgery can be a somewhat frightening prospect, even if you are looking forward to the positive change in your appearance. Surgical methods and anesthesia techniques have improved in recent years, which has had a positive effect on safety protocols. A great deal of planning goes into each procedure to mitigate risks.

Are you thinking of making a change? See what is possible when you visit Dr. Tattini.

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