Considering Breast Implants? Get the Facts!

Breast augmentation For several years now, breast augmentation surgery has been a leading cosmetic procedure. Women seek this surgery for their own personal reasons, but the end result is often an improvement in satisfaction with physical appearance and, along with that, a nice boost in confidence. Because of the popularity of the implant procedure, there is as much fiction out there as there are facts. For this reason, it can be difficult for you to decide if you really should get breast augmentation. Here, we will separate fact from fiction.

The Appearance of Breast Implants

Many women believe that getting breast implants will change the authenticity of their shape. This is not the case. It is highly likely that you know another woman who has breast implants, but you don’t know it because they look like natural breasts. This is the intent of breast augmentation, to enhance the shape and size of the breasts in relation to the rest of the body. Size is no longer the leading factor. In fact, statistics show a new trend of smaller implants, a stark contrast to the overly-large breasts we saw just a few years ago. Bottom line: breast augmentation is performed to your personal preferences, not ours or anyone else’s.

The Effect of Breast Implants on the Skin

There are two common myths that relate to breast implants and overlying skin. One is that sagging can be corrected with implants. The other is that enlarging the breasts will result in sagginess sooner rather than later. In reality, neither is a solid fact. If the breasts are sagging before augmentation surgery, mastopexy will be discussed. This procedure, which lifts the tissue that supports breasts, can be combined with implants to achieve natural beauty. Alternately, breast enlargement with implants does not lead to heaviness, nor a greater gravitational pull. Breasts sag over time because the skin and superficial tissues lose elasticity with age, not because of the weight of breast tissue.

There are several misconceptions about breast augmentation surgery. If your investigation into this procedure consists only of some online searching, you may miss out on some critical information. Get the facts from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Tattini is a regular contributor to RealSelf, offering insights on breast implant surgery to a large online community.

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