Are You Considering Labiaplasty? Here’s What You Have to Gain!

Labiaplasty Bloomington, IL If you have looked into the labiaplasty procedure at all, you have probably heard terms like “life-changing.” These are words that carry a lot of weight, and we take them seriously. The fact that they come from patients who have undergone this procedure is what makes them especially meaningful. According to self-reported surveys, women who undergo surgery that reshapes and refines the labia say that their overall quality of life has improved significantly after their procedure. Here, we want to discuss why that may be.

To understand the benefits of labiaplasty, we’ve got to look at some of the reasons why women express dissatisfaction with this ultra-discreet area of the body. The external genitalia is unique on every woman. For those whose labia are bulky, long, asymmetrical, or oddly textured, there are several concerns that may arise. For example, overly-large and bulging labia can be visible in bathing suits and workout clothing like yoga pants. Excessive tissue can even lead to the development of polyps in some cases.

What Labiaplasty Does

The purpose of the labiaplasty procedure is to refine the appearance of the labia by removing excess tissue that is causing discoloration, textural abnormalities, and discomfort. The tissue that is usually involved here is the labia minora. These are the inner lips of tissue that should ideally sit within the outer lips. During labiaplasty, this ideal shape is created, allowing the outer labia to provide protective coverage to the delicate inner lips. In some cases, a small amount of tissue may also be removed from the outer lips or labia majora.

After the details of what labiaplasty does comes to the list of benefits of what labiaplasty does, and that is what matters most to patients whom we meet in our Bloomington, IL office. Once the external genitalia is reshaped to proper proportions, uncomfortable instances of pinching and friction are no longer a problem. Women gain a sense of confidence, as well, to wear once-forbidden swimwear and lingerie. And standing naked in front of a partner? Well, that becomes an entirely new experience.

Learn more about labiaplasty and what is possible with this procedure. Call (309) 664-1007 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tattini.

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