How to Maximize your Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery offers women the opportunity to elongate the youthfulness of their bodies. We all know that we change with age and that many of the changes that occur are cosmetic in nature. However, we’ve also come to know that we don’t have to take aging “lying down.” We have choices. When the issue at hand is saggy breasts, the ideal choice for correction may be breast lift surgery.

As beneficial as breast lifts can be, our patients still tend to have questions about how long their results will last. This is an important aspect of treatment and we’re happy to provide information that helps each patient make the most of her renewed perkiness and shape.

Supporting the Lifted Breasts

Maximizing the results of breast lift surgery is relatively easy. Most of the support that one gains comes from biology rather than the latest frilly brazier. More on that in a minute. First, we do want to talk about what a good bra looks like.

Breasts need support, yes, but too much support can backfire. Years ago, push-up bras were the hot trend. While we’re seeing more of a lean toward all-natural looking breasts, the good old push-up is still around. These bras press upward so much on breast tissue that they can encourage the muscles that support perky breasts to atrophy. For this reason, we suggest limiting the wear of push-ups to special occasions only. Bras that hold breasts in their natural position are a great alternative.

The entire aging process involves our biology. So, sagging skin and the depletion of collagen, both of which contribute to a loss in breast shape, need to be managed. One way to do this is with supplementation. In particular, cells rely on healthy levels of vitamin C to continually produce collagen. A daily dose of 500 milligrams is a great place to start.

Another integral aspect of breast shape is weight. Stability in this area is key to prolonging the effects of breast lift surgery. By maintaining weight within about a 10-pound range of ideal, there is less chance of breasts enlarging with fat and deflating with weight loss.

Are you wondering if a breast lift is right for you? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tattini.

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