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According to data collected by various plastic surgery organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction is a leading cosmetic procedure. This information is mirrored in our own practice, where liposuction has been one of our most sought-after techniques for several years. Even in light of numerous nonsurgical body-contouring techniques, surgical liposuction remains a top contender. Why? Because it works! It works quickly and it achieves maximum results on a variety of areas. Here, we want to discuss one of the biggest questions that patients have about liposuction: cost.

The cost of liposuction can vary based on a number of factors. One is the facility in which the procedure is performed. Some liposuction treatments are conducted in the office, some in an accredited surgery center. Additional fees that may be involved include the surgeon’s fees, which also encompass pre- and post-operative visits, lab work, and supply costs. Most people are aware of these cost factors. But wait, there’s more!

  • The Physical Factors of Liposuction Cost

Liposuction is a matter of time and effort. How much time and effort is needed to conduct a liposuction procedure will depend on:

  • Treatment area. There is more fatty tissue on an area like the abdomen than there is on the backs of the arms or neck. Therefore, abdominal liposuction is likely to cost more than a smaller area of treatment.
  • Number of treatment areas. One of the benefits of surgical liposuction is that multiple areas can be treated in a single procedure. In one way, this can help manage the final cost (only one surgical or anesthesia fee) and in another, it will increase it. In the end, this factor may zero itself out.
  • Scar tissue. If a person is undergoing secondary liposuction or body-contouring after a previous surgery on the same area, scar tissue may be present. The surgeon may then need to perform fat-removal more strategically in order to achieve the best results. Navigating around scar tissue could increase the duration of surgery and thus affect cost.

Get Results that Count

Liposuction is intended for beautiful, long-lasting results. This procedure is not something to shop around for. The skill and experience of your surgeon will translate into your final appearance, and this is something you want to appreciate for years to come. When choosing your liposuction surgeon, consider the value of training and expertise in relation to the overall cost of your procedure.

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