These Reasons to have Breast Reduction May Surprise You

Breast Reduction Bloomington When the term “breast procedure” is mentioned, the surgery that most often comes to mind is breast augmentation. Many women have benefitted from the slight, or significant, addition of volume and shape to this part of the body. Then there is the other group. You know, the group of women who wish that Mother Nature had not bestowed so much to them. The women who would love nothing more than to put an end to painful indentations and more. We have a way. Breast reduction surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure as more women finally say enough is enough. If you have been wondering what breast reduction might do for you, here are a few of the perks that aren’t often discussed.

  1. Social confidence. You may have total belief in yourself and what you can do in this world. You may consider yourself a confident person. However, the attention that is given to your breasts may diminish this. Going about your day, you notice where people’s eyes go. You may even receive unwanted comments or advances based solely on the size of your breasts. Rude! But still, it dampens your social confidence, and that just isn’t acceptable.
  2. Better health. Health and wellness stem from lifestyle habits that include good food and routine exercise. If your breasts fall on the large side, you know that getting the support you need for aerobic activity is nearly impossible. The mere idea of going for a run may create stress. And yet not being able to engage in the activities you would like also does harm, both physically and emotionally. Reducing breast size makes it easier to support “the girls” during any exercise, from yoga to Zumba and beyond.
  3. Great proportions. It is harmony in proportions that creates beauty. This is true of the body and the face. When the lower part of the body is slim and toned, but the breasts are very large, you face the unending challenge of trying to find the right clothing; clothing that will suit your personal style and your body.

There are several reasons to have the breast reduction and just as many benefits. To learn more about this procedure from your Bloomington cosmetic surgeon, call 309-664-1007.


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