The Stages of Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation, one of the leading plastic surgery procedures since its inception, can provide outstanding improvements. This procedure is performed on hundreds of thousands of patients each year and has a high rate of satisfaction. Still, deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a big decision. One of the questions that patients have about their journey to a better body is what they can expect after their procedure. Here, we discuss the stages of breast augmentation recovery.

Stage 1: Days 1-5

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. Patients can expect the effects of anesthesia to linger for up to several hours. Someone must drive them home and stay with them for the day.

After breast augmentation, it is important to focus on rest and hydration. Drinking plenty of fluids helps process the anesthesia and promote tissue recovery. It can be helpful to plan dinners of soup and snacks of water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, celery, and watermelon. To maintain comfort, patients will have prescription pain medication to take at specific intervals. This should not be skipped. Having extra pillows and lots of entertainment is also beneficial.

Stage 2: Days 5-7

By day 5 after breast augmentation, comfort is typically improved a great deal. Many patients no longer need prescription pain medication at this point. However, some discomfort may continue to linger for another few days. Walking is encouraged during this stage of recovery. This helps to prevent blood clots from inactivity and delivers adequate blood flow to tissues that are healing. Although comfort is significantly improved, this is not a time to rush back to normal activities. The body may still be fatigued from surgery. Rest should remain a priority.

Stage 3: Weeks 1-3

After a week to 10 days, a regular routine may be resumed. Patients may return to work at this time, provided no heavy lifting or strenuous activity is required. During this stage, bruising and swelling are nearly gone and discomfort is only a mild soreness or tenderness. Light exercise may be resumed, being mindful to take things slow.

Stage 4: Weeks 4-6

Depending on the progress confirmed during our follow-up visit, patients may begin to add strength training and more rigorous cardio exercise into their lives. Chest exercises and heavy lifting must still be avoided.

Stage 5: Final Results

Tissue changes continue for as long as three to four months after breast augmentation. Over time, as swelling subsides and the breasts drop softly into their pocket, shape improves to its new norm. Because this can slightly affect the size of the breasts, it is best to wait several months before investing in a whole new undergarment wardrobe.

Now is a great time to feel great about your body. Call (309) 664-1007 to schedule your breast augmentation consultation in our Bloomington, IL office.

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