Thinking about Going Smaller? Here’s what you Need to Know about Breast Reduction!

Breast Reduction Usually, it is breast augmentation with implants that we hear about. However, there are many women for whom enlargement would be very undesirable. In our Bloomington plastic surgery practice, breast reduction is actually a hot topic of discussion. When breasts are too large, they create unique challenges, such as finding clothing that fits well or exercising comfortably. Breast reduction can put an end to all that, leading a woman to body proportions that make sense.

A looming question about breast reduction surgery is what to expect after the procedure. Fortunately, a smooth recovery is made possible by a few simple self-care tactics. These include:

  • Adhere to instructions related to pain medication. It is easy to think you do not need prescription pain medication the day of your procedure. Many patients “feel fine.” This is usually because it takes time for anesthesia to fully wear off. Once it does, soreness could become uncomfortable. Taking your prescription as directed – before you experience pain – can greatly improve your initial recovery.
  • Wear the recommended surgical garment. Another misconception could be that wearing a sports bra gives sufficient support. On the contrary, a sports bra may not prevent disruption to breast tissue as much as we would like. Also, many sports bra designs slip on over the head. This movement may not be something you want to do after breast surgery.
  • Tissues heal better when the body is adequately hydrated, so drink plenty of water. Coconut water or infused water may give you the variety of flavor you prefer, but do not substitute beverages like soda, coffee, or tea for water. This could lead to dehydration, which, coupled with pain medication, could cause constipation.
  • Give yourself a grooming break! The soreness and sensitivity of breast tissue and skin may leave you with little desire to shower for a day or two.
  • Give yourself a break from physical activity. Most patients take a few weeks off work to recover from breast reduction. Exercise is another point of conversation. Your return to exercise should occur 3 or more weeks after your procedure. At that, initial activities should be short and light. More strenuous activity may be resumed in approximately 6 weeks.

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