Your Neck may be Revealing Secrets

neck lift We do a lot to look our best, because this helps us feel our best, and we don’t try to hide this fact. Several decades ago, men and women who were interested in turning back the hands of time may have done so with the help of a plastic surgeon. However, the few who actually took aging into their own hands rarely talked about it. Today, all we need to do is tune into an episode of any Real Housewives show to see how far we’ve come.

We are bold about our desires to look young, and we have ample ways to erase lines and wrinkles on the face. Anti-aging wrinkle treatments are so popular that men and women make no secret of their activities. That being said, there is one way that age is continuing to sneak out: on the neck. Because women continue to be held to a higher standard when it comes to aging and aesthetics, we often hear about the unwelcomed changes that occur in the neck sometime after the age of 40.

A Learning Curve
There is a learning curve to anything; taking care of the skin is one of the several aspects of wellness that we miss while we still have the chance to make the most of it. The aging that has gone on beneath the surface for years usually makes itself known sometime during mid-life. This may look like a double chin, resulting from less structure to hold fat cells in place. It may look like horizontal lines on the neck, or sagging, crepey skin (did you know your neck skin is as fragile as the skin around your eyes?). However it looks on you, it may send you into a tizzy that you can’t find turtlenecks any time other than the Fall months.

Don’t go Shopping Just Yet
You don’t have to personify Diane Keaton circa Annie Hall to feel confident in your appearance. Instead of hiding your neck, fix it! Neck lift surgery is becoming increasingly popular among women between the ages of 40 and 60. In some cases, lifting the neck skin can even be an alternative to a full facelift.

A lot goes in to maintaining a young face. Remember your neck, too! To learn more about neck lift surgery, call our Bloomington office. 309-664-1007.

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