Truths about Breast Reconstruction You Should Know

The American Cancer Society believes that more than 264,000 new breast cancer diagnoses will be made in 2021. In addition to cases of necessary mastectomy, doctors also expect to perform preventative mastectomy procedures for women with a positive BRCA gene or strong family history of breast cancer. For many of the women affected, breast reconstruction will play a critical role in closing one chapter to begin a new one. For optimal outcomes, it is sometimes necessary to overcome false ideas about the process. We’ll do that here. 

Myth #1: Breast Reconstruction Might Lead to Recurrence Or Late Detection Of Cancer.

The risk of breast cancer recurrence is related to many factors, not just reconstruction. In fact, when planning reconstructive procedures, an experienced surgeon takes all factors into account. Overall, breast reconstruction is a miniscule factor in the risk of cancer recurrence. Furthermore, many studies performed over several years suggest that there is no evidence of breast cancer recurrence as a direct result of reconstruction. When considering breast reconstruction, bring up your concerns to your surgeon so a thoughtful discussion can be had. 

Myth #2: Breast Reconstruction Is Expensive.

The cost of plastic surgery can feel prohibitive. We understand and hate that this misconception might prevent some women from obtaining the care they deserve. IN 1998, Congress passed the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act. This piece of legislation created a baseline benefit for breast cancer patients stating that individual and group health policies that cover mastectomy must also cover breast reconstruction. This law requires coverage not only for the affected breast but also for the non-affected breast, so as to maintain symmetry. 

Myth #3: I Cannot Have Breast Reconstruction and Radiation or Chemo.

Some aspects of breast reconstruction may be affected by chemotherapy or radiation. However, medically necessary therapies do not prevent reconstruction. They may just alter the timing of secondary procedures. 

As a breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Tattini understands that breast cancer patients have many crucial decisions to make. Accurate, comprehensive information is essential to physical and emotional recovery. Our patients can expect that, as well as compassionate care as they complete their breast cancer treatment journey.

To learn more about breast reconstruction, call (309) 664-1007 and schedule a consultation at our Bloomington office. 

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