Your Facelift: Only You and Your Surgeon Need to Know

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The signs of aging occur gradually, one line at a time. At some point, though, various changes such as sagging skin and jowls at the jawline accumulate to an extent that can make a person not feel like themselves anymore. When this happens, the idea of a facelift may enter their mind. Far too often, the thought of surgical intervention leaves as quickly as it sprouts. Why? Because many people still have the idea that a facelift will be obvious. This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, a facelift can be something that no one but you and your surgeon knows about.

No Cookie-Cutting Here

Humans are not supposed to all look the same, even though the characteristics of youth are well-known. To recreate a more youthful appearance, a skilled plastic surgeon examines the face closely to observe skeletal structure, muscle tone, and even the quality of the skin. These traits guide the surgical process so the end result is a natural refresher, not an overdone, overly tight face.

The techniques used today to rejuvenate the face focus on restoring contours using a combination of mechanical lifting (the facelift) and volume replenishment. Volume may be added with fat injections, which last a very long time, or with dermal fillers, which can last a few years. Ultimately, the techniques that are used may not erase every line, but that’s not the goal. The objective is to sculpt the face into smoother, more angular contours that demonstrate youthfulness.

Inconspicuous is the Name of the Game

Dr. Tattini understands that patients often want to be completely discreet about their facelift procedure and acts accordingly.  Facelift surgery is conducted through incisions made in front of and around the ears. Every effort is made to keep incisions small so that resulting scars will fade more easily. The sutures that are used to close incisions are as fine as can be to support healing while also minimizing visible scarring. Their location in the natural creases of the front of the ear makes healing scars very discreet. With good care and the use of scar creams or silicone sheets, many patients heal so well that even they have to look very hard to see the remnants of their facelift incisions.

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