These Breast Concerns may be Corrected with Mastopexy

Breast Lift Bloomington IL We face some concerns as we age. Women, in particular, may find that the overall shape of their breasts undergoes a dramatic transformation over time. It isn’t only aging that affects the appearance of the breasts. There are a handful of factors that may cause breasts to droop long before a woman would expect this to happen. Larger breast size alone can accelerate this change. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes leading up to menopause, and weight fluctuations are all related to this progressive metamorphosis of a woman’s breasts. Ultimately, these changes can lead to major frustration within the realm of body-image.

For some time now, there has been an assumption that sagging breasts should be corrected with breast implants. This is not only false but could create a bigger problem. For the woman who is interested in reinstating her original shape, mastopexy makes sense. Here are some of the primary concerns that can be corrected with breast lift surgery.

Breasts have “fallen.”

Youthful breasts are well supported. They look perky because the tissue is firmer and, importantly, breast tissue is well-supported by superficial muscle and overlying skin. As these supportive structures naturally deteriorate and weaken, the breasts lose their height. They sit lower on the chest wall. One of the intents in breast lift surgery is to excise unnecessary tissue to restore the position breasts once had.

Breast shape has changed.

Breasts that sag simultaneously lose their voluptuousness regarding shape. Most of the volume of the breasts may sit at the lower pole. In some instances, a tubular shape may develop. This change doesn’t necessarily indicate that breast has literally deflated (an idea that would support breast augmentation as the solution); it just indicates that tissue has shifted. What breast lift surgery can do is restore the structure to the cradle of tissue around the breasts, so volume and contouring are enhanced, even if nothing has been added.

Nipples point downward.

One of the factors that play into the perkiness of breasts is the direction of the nipples. The expectation is that nipples will point forward. As tissue falls to the lower part of the breast, nipples may take a downward turn. Mastopexy can encompass the repositioning of nipple and areolae tissue to maximize the beauty of this body part.

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