Why Waist Training may be a Waste

Body Procedures Bloomington, IL The desire for a slim, fit physique is understandable. It’s human nature. It is also human nature to want to get the slim, fit physique we want as fast as possible. The internet is filled with tips and tricks to help us achieve our goals, though there are very few of them that would be recommended by healthcare professionals (or trainers, for that matter). Waist trainers are a prime example.

What a Waist Trainer is and How It Works

A waist trainer is a modern-day corset. Rather than being worn to make the body appear slimmer across the midsection, a waist trainer claims to reshape the midsection. The way it does this is by forcing the body to constrict. This constriction is not the gentle, hold-it-together pressure you feel when you wear spandex like Spanx. It’s much more intense than that. It’s more like aggressive, take-your-breath-away pressure. This should tell us something about the overall safety of such a device.

Here’s what the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has to say about Waist Training

The board composed of leading physicians in the field of cosmetic surgery states that occasional use of a waist training device may not be dangerous. The thing is, these devices are not meant for occasional use, they are meant to be worn for weeks or months at a time. This is where problems may occur.

  • Vital organs under pressure. The midsection is made up of far more than muscle and fat. It is in the torso where the kidneys, liver, stomach, and lungs live. To squeeze the midsection means to put these organs under extreme pressure. Sure, they will adapt, but that may be the very problem. Each of the organs of the body needs adequate space to function properly. We shouldn’t rob them of that to achieve an aesthetic goal.
  • Breathing under pressure. It’s so easy to take breathing for granted. Breathing is a vital function that is necessary for the organs, including the brain, to obtain oxygen through the blood. Breathing normally keeps the lungs from filling with fluid. Breathing is also vital to the body’s natural detoxification processes. According to research, lung capacity may decline as much as 60% under the pressure of a waist trainer.
  • Digestion under pressure. To severely constrict the midsection means to restrict the stomach and all digestive organs. At the very least, this could cause acid reflux. At worst, this restriction may lead to poor eating habits, which could ultimately backfire when the waist trainer is no longer worn.

There are safer, more effective ways to reshape your body. In addition to diet and exercise, carefully planned cosmetic surgery can be an advantageous step in looking your best. Learn more about our body contouring procedures by calling our Bloomington office at (309) 664-1007.

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