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cosmetic surgery Do you know someone who has undergone cosmetic surgery? If you knew them prior to their procedure, you may have noticed an interesting side effect to their physical change – a bigger smile! Historically, we have tread lightly around the topic of how cosmetic surgery can improve one’s quality of life. We still do. There are important factors that surround such claims. Here, we will look at what the science says.

In one study performed at the Ruhr Universität of the University of Basel, researchers asked two groups of people questions related to their overall quality of life. One group included participants who had had plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. In the other group, no participants had had cosmetic surgery. What the plastic surgery group reported were general feelings of heightened well-being, such as:

  • Expanded self esteem and confidence.
  • Lower incidences of anxiety and depression.
  • A sense of attractiveness.
  • A feeling of being more in tune with their body.
  • Heightened general health and wellness.

Now, here’s why we tread lightly, and do not claim that cosmetic surgery is right for every person: it’s all about expectations, communication, and follow through. We spend time helping patients identify what their expectations are. We communicate very clearly about the fact that no surgical procedure can be completed exactly as predicted. There are usually very subtle inconsistencies, just as we get from Mother Nature herself. In the Basel study, this is backed by the finding that patients with the most realistic expectations were the same ones who reported the greatest sense of satisfaction with the outcome of their surgery.

About that follow through . . .
Expectations about the final result are crucial. As well, patients planning cosmetic surgery also need to know what is required for their recovery. Commitment to post-operative instructions directly correlates with outcome, and also to the experience as a whole. Patients are encouraged to ask us about anything that is in question, such as how long they should wait before exercising.

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