Tummy Tuck: When is the Best Time for Body Contouring Surgery?

As with most trends, the fascination with tight, six-pack abs has somewhat faded away in the past few years. The bodies that we typically admire most these days demonstrate softer curves all around. However, a flat, toned midsection does continue to be an integral aspect of the ideal figure. This goes for men as much as it does for women. As we’ve learned what diet and exercise can and cannot do, more people are considering the value of a good body-contouring procedure like a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck is also referred to as abdominoplasty. This procedure offers well-known benefits, the most prominent of which is the lasting appearance of tautness in the midsection. To achieve the best results from abdominoplasty, it is necessary to schedule this surgery at the right time in life. There are a few factors that are involved in complete patient satisfaction. The best results are achieved when the patient:

  • Is in good health and does not smoke
  • Has reached a steady goal weight
  • Is committed to healthy eating and exercise habits that support their new shape
  • Has a generally healthy body image alongside their desire to tighten the midsection


Surgeons typically want a patient to have stabilized at their ideal weight for several months before undergoing abdominoplasty. Weight management is a necessary aspect of maintaining optimal tummy tuck results. This goes both ways, too. Clearly, weight gain will obscure the tight muscles beneath fatty tissue. On the other hand, if a patient undergoes abdominoplasty before they have reached their ideal weight, their continued weight loss could lead to noticeable sagging.


The message regarding pregnancy and tummy tuck surgery has consistently been “wait.” This recommendation has to do with the unique way pregnancy changes a woman’s body. It is perfectly safe to carry to full-term after having a tummy tuck. The surgery itself will not prevent the abdomen from stretching to make room for a growing fetus. What could happen is that the tummy may once again appear loose and saggy after delivery. Could a second tummy tuck be done? Absolutely. The general consensus is that this would be an unnecessary investment of time and money.

The timing of your tummy tuck depends on your goals and preferences. Are you ready for a change? Schedule a consultation in our Bloomington office at (309) 664-1007.

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