Addressing Facial Aging with Fat Cells

Fat transfer sounds like the “next big thing” because people are talking about it now. This innovative technique is the basis for the popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, and may also be a way to augment the breasts. Make no mistake, though, fat transfer is not new. This process has been a common part of […]

When Weight Loss Leaves Evidence

There are so many positives that result from reaching your goal weight! After putting in the work to create healthy eating and exercise habits, and maybe developing a truckload of self-discipline, you deserve to sit back and revel in the new you that you see in the mirror. When you imagined what your body would […]

Time for a Tuck? Here’s What you Need to Know.

Tummy tuck surgery is an excellent way for women to regain their pre-pregnancy physique. It is also a popular procedure for men, as well as women, who have lost a substantial amount of weight and want to top off their achievement by tightening up their midsection. Abdominoplasty gets results. This is demonstrated in the popularity […]

Make Sure you aren’t Buying into these Myths about Cosmetic Surgery!

There’s a time and place for everything, including urban legends and myths, and it is not in the area of research. Specifically, we’re talking about information pertaining to your potential cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. If you’re considering breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, or any cosmetic procedure, what you want are cold hard facts, Not myths such […]

Common Thoughts Before Plastic Surgery

Although the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures has increased over the past few decades, there remains a  flicker of “question” in most patients’ minds. Having consulted with innumerable patients over the years, we recognize many of these questions. We understand that a lot of consideration goes into having plastic surgery, and we support our […]

Considering Breast Implants? Get the Facts!

For several years now, breast augmentation surgery has been a leading cosmetic procedure. Women seek this surgery for their own personal reasons, but the end result is often an improvement in satisfaction with physical appearance and, along with that, a nice boost in confidence. Because of the popularity of the implant procedure, there is as […]


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