Want a Refresher? Consider Blepharoplasty!

Age has a way of making the face look tired. This may be what feels most frustrating as we get older. It isn’t the “older” part that feels unpleasant, it’s the looking tired and angry or downright unapproachable. One of the reasons the actual emotion of the face changes is that the eyes lose their […]

Facial fat transfer

Is Fat Transfer Worth It?

Fat transfer is yet another advancement in the world of facial rejuvenation. We are proud to offer this service to patients of our Bloomington plastic surgery practice. If you’ve not heard much about fat transfer for facial rejuvenation, we’re about to fill you in on why more than 80% of RealSelf patients say it’s worth […]

Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Bloomington, IL

Breast Augmentation: What It Can and Cannot Do

The idea of breast enhancement nearly always involves some matter of size. While some women wish to have their breasts reduced to better fit their frame, most inquire about breast augmentation using implants. In recent years, the medical devices used to add volume to the breasts have improved significantly. Both silicone and saline breast implants […]

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Bloomington, IL

Important Points About Rhinoplasty

Across the board, nose-reshaping is one of the most requested procedures in plastic surgery. People who get a nose job are often pretty vocal about it. They may share before and after photos on social media or personal blogs. The perfection presented by photographs is often a strong influence on what we define as beauty. […]

Facelift Bloomington, IL

Your Facelift: Only You and Your Surgeon Need to Know

The signs of aging occur gradually, one line at a time. At some point, though, various changes such as sagging skin and jowls at the jawline accumulate to an extent that can make a person not feel like themselves anymore. When this happens, the idea of a facelift may enter their mind. Far too often, […]

Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Bloomington, IL

Let’s Talk Breast Implant Recall

Several weeks ago, many women in the world heard the news that may have sent them reeling. The United States Food and Drug Administration requested a recall of certain models of textured breast implants. This recall came after an increased number of reported cancer cases related to these common cosmetic medical devices. If you have […]

Benefits of Blepharoplasty

Some say that the eyes don’t lie. These windows to the soul are supposed to reveal our truth; how we feel in the moment and how we may view life as a whole. What many of our patients express when they visit our Bloomington office is that their eyes are, in fact, lying. As the […]

Liposuction Bloomington, IL


According to data collected by various plastic surgery organizations such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction is a leading cosmetic procedure. This information is mirrored in our own practice, where liposuction has been one of our most sought-after techniques for several years. Even in light of numerous nonsurgical body-contouring techniques, surgical liposuction […]

How to Maximize your Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery offers women the opportunity to elongate the youthfulness of their bodies. We all know that we change with age and that many of the changes that occur are cosmetic in nature. However, we’ve also come to know that we don’t have to take aging “lying down.” We have choices. When the issue […]

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